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Aion Templar Leveling Guide – Fastest Way to Level Your Templar
An Aion Templar leveling guide was the most effective “shortcut” I could find towards “the juice” of the game, the Aion end game content, placed somewhere beyond level 50. Don’t get me wrong, I usually don’t need guides to experience my MMOs prior to starting the bingo. I’ve read each of the whining about how exactly hard leveling is at Aion Online so that is why I made this choice.
It wasn’t an undesirable choice though. Therefore, I’m going to share here, a few tips about leveling my Templar, tips that I’ve learned by working with this phenomenal Aion Templar leveling guide.
1. Firstly, since you may have noticed, the Templar is meant to function as the tank class for farmville. It has good resilience, and not a lot damage. But you still need the possibility to use two-handed melee weapons, while questing or grinding, for the fast progress, wait to your greatsword.
2. If you have just a little experience with MMO games, you almost certainly are aware that doing quests is a great XP boost. This game doesn’t make very, but keeping your XP flow constant by questing, you’ll need good know-how about the quests. That’s where this Aion Templar leveling guide will come in to help you. Its great quest routes maximize my XP rate increasing a lot my questing efficiency.
3. Since all the creatures in the bingo are very resilient, and they also is not a few shotted, its vital that you maintain your Purchase Knights Templar‘s stats all the way to possible. The Aion Templar leveling guide trained me in all I needed to learn about the combinations of stigmas, buffs, elixirs and equipment, to function with my leveling.